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Answering questions about the best school in Boston

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Anonymous asked: Is it okay to download music using BU's wifi?

Uhh, I wouldn’t advise it, but I don’t think they monitor that closely…

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My favorite fun fact about Boston University is that BU Bridge is the only place in the world where a plane can fly over a car driving over a train speeding over a boat. all at the same time 

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Anonymous asked: From 6-9 am FitRec is dead. It's just a few hardcore fit old people and a couple students.

Hahhahaa, thank you for letting me know. :)

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let-the-words-fall-out asked: In response to the anon asking about lesbians, the best way to meet cool lesbians/queer ladies in my experience is to come to the Center for Gender Sexuality and Activism in the basement of the GSU! Groups like FemCo (Feminist Coalition) and the Queer Activist Collective meet there during the week and its a nice place to come and hang out in a safer space! Plus there are free bagels on Friday!

Cool cool cool! I didn’t even know that existed! :)

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Anonymous asked: Real talk: Sunset Cantina is overrated. Its super over priced fake mexican food and the nachos aren't even that good. Sorority girls just hype it up way too much.

Thanks for the review! :)
Do you have reccomendations?

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Anonymous asked: must try food/dining/dishes/restaurants on or near west campus?

Brown Sugar, Super88 (for Asian foods!), Cane’s, Sunset Cantina…

Peeps, send me your recommendations too!

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imthehomoyourmomwarnedyouabout asked: For the anon asking about finding lesbians! Come to Q on Fridays at 4 in the center (next to bu central). Also both the rugby and hockey teams are filled with them so come hang out :) anddd I'm assuming you're under 21 and machine (a gay club in kenmore) is 18+ on Fridays!

Thank you!

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Anonymous asked: Could you define drinking school?

Taught in all chem classes.

(Credit to The Periodic Table of Alcohol by Brazilian designer Mayra Magalhães)

Okay, no, just kidding. Anyway I would say that what I mean by “drinking school” is that if you want to drink, you’re going to be able to get alcohol somehow, someway.

If you’d like, brush up on your alcohol and drug policies. And please be smart and safe.

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Anonymous asked: please answer yes or no: 1) is BU a party school 2) is BU a drinking school

1. not really, but there are parties.
2. yes.

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Anonymous asked: Do you know of a way to meet other lesbians?

No, I’m sorry! But let’s hope one of my followers does!

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Anonymous asked: Do you know what times the gym is least crowded?

Three or four in the morning would be my guess.
Okay, that sounds horrible. But considering the number of people who go to this school, it’s probably always going to be crowded.

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Anonymous asked: I have a friend who got into scad with a 30% scholarship on admission is that possible at BU? I'm an international student. xx

The Trustee Scholarship is full tuition, and the Presidential Scholarship is $20,000.

Take a look here.

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Anonymous asked: can students get student discount tickets for concert venues at the ace tickets? i want to go to a concert at TD Garden and don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a nosebleed.

I don’t think so, but if you go, you should ask.

If you’re buying online, Google discounts/codes to use to try to get a discount!

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Anonymous asked: Can you tell me a little about your school? What are the people like? Are the classes interesting? Are there internship opportunities? What's the atmosphere like on campus? Thank you so much!!


Hey Anon! Thanks for the questions, and I hope I can help a bit. I’ve got Personal/General, Campus, Classes, Internship/Jobs, Financial Aid/Study Abroad, Parties/Greek Life, and Clubs/Activities, Dorms/Dining below the cut.

So, BU:

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