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amplivagant asked: Question about charlie cards: I didn't get the MBTA semester pass because I definitely won't use the T enough to get my money's worth but I will have to use it somewhat often. Correct me if I'm wrong but I can get a charlie card and put like lets say.. $30 on it to use rather than paying the $2 or whatever every time I want to ride correct?

Yup! Exactly! :)

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Anonymous asked: How long is the walk from Morse to the Center for Student Services? Also I know the class ends ten minutes early but do professors sometimes hold students later or are they usually good with getting students out on time. I'm just worried I won't have enough time to get to my other class.

It’s superduper close. (I had to look up “Center for Student Services” because I know it as 100 Bay State Road or Marciano.) But it’s probably five minutes away, if not less. :)

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oh-ivette asked: How hard do you think it is getting accepted??

In 2013, the acceptance rate was 37%. So about 4 in 10 applicants get in.
Personally I believe it’s getting more difficult to get in because the quality and caliber of applicants is increasing, as well as the number of applicants!

But don’t be discouraged, and work hard! :)

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Anonymous asked: Does the deflation grading system really hurt students?

I would recommend reading this article.
It’s a little dated, but worth it.

Also, I think part of the struggle for students is coming to BU and being challenged. It’s much different than high school, and there are more things to balance.

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Anonymous asked: Hey! This blog has been so helpful, I'm a recent transfer coming back for my second semester and am still learning! Do we need to go get a new terrier card each year, or can we used the one we already have?

Nope, same one, no matter how (un)attractive. :)

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Anonymous asked: even though I don't live in a dorm that offers practice rooms etc., can i go into other dorms to use such rooms whenever?

Yes, I don’t think there would be a problem with that!

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unlockthefandoms asked: Is BU a big party school?

Not really, but you can always find a party if you want one.

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Anonymous asked: If I have an 8am class at COM, but my dorm is in Claflin... how long do you think it will take to get there and what time do you recommend I leave my dorm to get there on time?

Ehhh….that’s pretty early; I would say give it fifteen/twenty minutes the first day, and then you can whittle it down as appropriate.

You also want to take into account how your professor reacts to late-comers…can you risk being late? That’s something you’ll learn in the first few days.

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Anonymous asked: I lived in Claflin so here's what I know from my experience. Claflin basement: 3 piano practice rooms, 1 quiet study lounge, and study lounge. Rich floor 1: study lounge From what I've seen, there aren't common rooms/study rooms on each floor (like there are in warren)

Thank you! I hope the person who asked sees this!

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Anonymous asked: I'm a high school senior and I'm really worried about not getting accepted to BU, I might not even apply but I'm also more worries about the tuition cost. Do you know how BU is with giving scholarship money

I completely understand your concerns! But I think you should apply!

And BU even understands! From their website:

"We get it. The total cost of a world-class education—the kind you can get at Boston University—is substantial. That’s why we award over $162 million in need-based aid to enrolled undergraduates every year."

They have a lot of scholarships (merit AND need-based), and you can get grants and loans, AND work-study!

Start looking into scholarships and deadlines now, and you’ll be more prepared, no matter where you end up! :)

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Anonymous asked: Is it possible to double major within CAS? All the info I've found on the BU website has to do with getting a dual degree from different schools like CFA/CAS or SED/CAS. Both of the degrees I would like are in CAS... Help!

Yes!! Just talk to your advisor about it, and they can definitely help you!

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Anonymous asked: Are there any freshman dorms without communal bathrooms?

…I don’t think so! Sorry.

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Anonymous asked: for west campus, do you know which floors have the study rooms/piano practice rooms? thanks!

No, but I’m posting this so that hopefully someone answers! :)

You could try calling Housing and asking!

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errantventures asked: Not sure about liberal arts courses, but for science/math/engineering people should check out the international version of textbooks! I usually look on Valore. International versions are paper-back copies of textbooks normally marketed outside the US and cost 10-30% of what the text lists for elsewhere. They're usually exactly the same too!(though one time i had a physics text where one whole chapter was printed upside down O___o)

So true!

I also like slugbooks.com, which allows you to compare textbook prices between ten different sites!

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amplivagant asked: Hey thanks for all of your awesome answers.. seriously so helpful! I have another one for ya.. how do you know if one of your fall courses has a summer assignment? Thanks!

You find out the first day of class. SURPRISE!

Kidding, check your BU email and any of the websites associated with your class. Also join the Facebook groups of your classes; they can be helpful.