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Anonymous asked: where do sophomores and juniors mostly live

Brownstones, other apartments, West, specialty housing!

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Anonymous asked: What's Danielsen like?

It’s in a land far, far away.

I hope you get my joke.

Okay, anyway, it does seem very nice, clean, and quiet. It’s also close to Newbury Street!

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Anonymous asked: I know the average sat score is like 2025.. I took the sat 2 times and my superscore is 1820... It sucks.. I'm hoping to get a 1900 the 3rd time. Is 1900 okay for BU even though the average is higher than that. >_<

Hey, a lower score is NOT the sum of your application! Prove to them otherwise that there’s a reason (or MULTIPLE reasons) why they should accept you!

The committee looks at much more than your SAT score, don’t worry!

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Anonymous asked: Hey there! I'm going to be a freshman chem major at BU, and I got my room assignment a few weeks ago. I got placed into a 6-person suite in Myles Standish Hall with mostly upperclassmen (I believe there's one other freshman). My roommate is currently a junior. I'm also doing FYSOP so I'll be moving in early. I'm wondering: -Is it rude to ask the junior to switch with the freshman? So that the froshies could room together? -Pros/cons of living where I am? Thanks so much and sorry for the length!

First, I wish you the best of luck with chemistry. :)

Second, I wouldn’t say it’s rude, just be tactful about it. But find out if the other freshman’s roommate is okay with it too (obviously).

I would say that there are basically only pros, because you’re going to be super close to all your classes if you’re a chem major! But FitRec would be far for you, but you’re in a good location for being a CAS student.

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Anonymous asked: I'm pretty sure the PDP classes are free- some have lab fees and equipment fees (scuba diving) but most are free if you use your credits to take them.

Oh, thanks for correcting me! :)

I hope the person who asked about that sees this!

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Anonymous asked: What insight can you offer about the Accelerated Medical Program at BU? From what I know, a HS senior applies to the program and, upon selection, is guaranteed 7 years of combined undergrad and med school studies (provisionally- after upholding a specific GPA). I'm currently going crazy about college and omg BU is a dream. Thank you SOOOO much and I'm sorry if I'm asking a loaded question. :)

I have a friend in a similar program, but she is in the seven year dental program. She is very dedicated to becoming a dentist (eventually an orthodontist, I believe), and she knows that it’s what she wants for herself.

I would say apply for the program if you’re dedicated to going to med school and you absolutely know it’s for you and that you can handle it. Make sure you have the work ethic, because you are fitting in undergraduate AND med school, plus you need to keep up that GPA!

Best of luck, and be sure to ask more if you need to!

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Anonymous asked: Can I make it to CGS from the general classroom building (750 commonwealth ave) in less than 10 minutes?

I would say yes!

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sareeeya asked: Hey there. The picture of the single dorm room you posted on July 18th, which residence hall is that?

Whoops, could you send me the link please?

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Anonymous asked: Are the PDP classes offered at FitRec free? Specifically the dance and Pilates classes?

I think they’re $80 or more—-but I would call and ask!

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Anonymous asked: how did u hang the lights in your dorm room? (your dorm decor looks really nice btw!)

Oh, it’s not mine! But, I would recommend these hooks:

If you’re super careful, you can reuse them again! They’re also useful for other things too!

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Anonymous asked: Do you have a picture of a decorated Boston University dorm room?


M: This is what my corner of my brownstone quad looked like last year. For some reason, Tumblr won’t let me upload more than one photo right now. I will make a post of pictures on furnished dorms in a bit.

Reblogging some dorm pictures for the new freshman who’ve been asking.

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I took some quick pictures of my double in Warren Towers right before I left! Hopefully these give you guys a good idea of the space you’ll have if you choose to live here!

Reblogging some dorm pictures for the new freshman who’ve been asking.