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Anonymous asked: Do you have any suggestions about how to make friends with the people on your floor? I leave my door open when I'm in my room, but that doesn't seem to help.

Bribes. Everybody likes food. :) Or a huge tv.

Also, do you have a facebook page for your floor? If not, set one up! It’s a good way to know who’s who.

You’ll also get a chance to meet people around (at floor meetings, in the bathroom, in your lounge area…) so don’t worry! It’s only the first week. :)

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Anonymous asked: is there a good resource for finding layouts of all the buildings so that i know exactly where my class will be?

Use this!

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Anonymous asked: Do black girls go here?

According to BU’s Community Diversity website, only 5.1% of Class of 2017 students are African-American, and I don’t know how many of them are women. Sorry that I couldn’t be more helpful!

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esietukeme asked: Is there a telescope on top of CAS, and is there anywhere students can go stargazing on campus?

You can read about it here! Also—-not sure about stargazing, but you should ask the astronomy department, maybe. :)

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Anonymous asked: New grad student again :) I like quiet study spaces. Thanks! Reading through your archives has been helpful!

Hello! I love studying at 100 Bay State, because it’s super quiet!

And I’m glad you’re reading it! :)

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Anonymous asked: How would I go about getting a job on campus?

Are you looking for a work-study? Read all about it here!

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Anonymous asked: what do you think the main difference between BU and BC is? Im currently a junior at a prep school and im considering early decision to either BU or BC and i just cant decide.


I don’t know if there’s a main difference—-what are you looking for in schools? Do you want to go to a religious school? What college are you looking for? Fine arts, liberal arts, communications, etc.?

Also, have you visited the campuses? They are very very different, so take that into consideration as well!

BU’s early decision is binding, while BC’s isn’t—-just so that you know!
I do hope that you choose BU! :)

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Anonymous asked: Hey I'm thinking about applying to SMG and I've heard that it's really hard to get in. Would applying early decision help?

In a 2013 article, the BU Today wrote: “While BU’s overall admissions rate was just over one-third of students, it was much tighter in certain schools and colleges. The School of Management had 42 percent more applicants and admitted just 22 percent.” So I would agree that it is getting harder!

I think that if you’re set on SMG and you think you can put a really strong application together, then go for it!

Best of luck!

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Anonymous asked: So i'm really awkward and have a hard time socializing... I don't feel comfortable going down to the dining hall and eating alone... what do you suggest I do?

Aww, go with your roommate or make a new friend! It will be a-okay!

Also, they do Rhetty-to-Go meals! You can pick them up and take them elsewhere if you don’t want to eat in the dining halls. Order them here.

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Anonymous asked: New grad student. I'm commuting from the suburbs in order to save on rent and need good spaces to study/hang out. Ideas? I'm in the Graduate Arts and Sciences, if that matters. Also, any general tips for a new graduate student?

Whoo hoo!
I would recommend trying out your own places, but do you like having people around or not? Sometimes the coffeeshops get crazy, but the libraries are usually pretty quiet (especially on upper floors of Mugar). Let me know what you prefer, and then I can give you a better list of recommendations!

As for tips, you have a ton of opportunities now that you’re a student at BU! Look into them. Sometimes reading all these emails from BU organizations/professors is a pain, but sometimes it’s worth it. :)

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Anonymous asked: Did you do fysop? What's a regular fysop day like?

Yes, it’s super awesome!
It’s jam packed and crazy, but fun. A day depends on which group you’re in and where you’re going, so I can’t tell you exact details, sorry.

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Anonymous asked: september 2nd is the first day of school, and also a tuesday...just making sure our class schedules aren't shifted right? I still go to my tuesday classes that day?


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Anonymous asked: where are some good places to get string lights?

I’d say Target or online, but other people might have suggestions!

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Boston University

So I didn’t actually officially tour BU, rather I just wandered the campus for a little over an hour so by no means is this a really detailed review of the school. Overall, I liked the campus. It was very modern and it’s in the middle of the city. Boston is a beautiful city so its location opens up tons of opportunities. It also enables transportation to be easily accessible (tons of bikes, cabs, trains, Charles River right near it). I thought the campus felt very safe. All of the buildings required students to swipe in with their ID and I noticed a lot of red emergency boxes in case students needed police assistance. The students there all seemed happy and everyone was pretty friendly. The only building I really got to go into was the student village (which even that I didn’t go too far in because I wasn’t really on a tour) but it looked really nice and had a lot of exercise equipment and things like that. Overall, the campus was really nice even though it’s spread out and rather large compared to some of the other schools I’ve looked at. I liked the campus set up much more than I had anticipated I would, so I’ll definitely be looking further into BU.