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Answering questions about the best school in Boston

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Anonymous asked: I did ask them on twitter... turns out it's pork.

Pork in the West Campus salami, peeps.

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Anonymous asked: Hi do you have pictures of 1019 commonwealth avenue, i world like to see the room layout

No, but you might be able to ask for it if you call BU Housing or tweet at them: @BU_Housing

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Anonymous asked: Hey! So happy to see you responded! Lol I asked about weather and housing. I would prefer to live off campus with 1 or 2 roommates and have been looking into the Allston-Brighton area. If I were to be on campus I would definitely prefer apartment-style living. Can't deal with one bathroom per floor!!! Lol and thanks for the weather link!! ūüėÄ

Have you checked craigslist or other websites? Also troll BU Facebook pages, because people will post when they’re leasing/need a roommate.
Honestly it might be easier/more convenient to do on-campus housing, but it’s up to you.

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Anonymous asked: So I'm still questioning my sexuality... how would you suggest going about this? Do you know anywhere to meet other girls who are also?

I would read this post…and then go! :)

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Anonymous asked: Do you know what type of salami is in west dining hall at the sandwich station? (pork or beef or something else)

No clue, but tweet at them——¬†@BUDiningService¬†:)

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Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm a freshman this year and I was wondering what the BU hockey matches are like, do people go crazy like they do at american football matches? Like whats the vibe? thank you!

If you go in certain parts of the student section, yes, they’re super rowdy.
But it also depends on who you go with!

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Hey guys!

I know we’re about a month into the semester, and I know it’s super scary for ¬†freshmen! I just wanted to say that I’m here if you guys have questions or concerns, and that everyone feels homesick/just like they don’t fit in at some point! It’s okayyy!

I love you all, and I hope you reach out if you need to talk.

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Anonymous asked: So BU is my top choice (second being Northeastern) I visited in June (and I went to the reception in my state) and I loved it so much and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna apply early decision, not 100% sure yet bc of the tuition (I'm a Highschool senior) anyways I have a not excellent gpa, 3.37 (weighted 4.0 scale) But I've taken TONS of AP and honors classes and I got a 2080 on the SATS, decent amount of extra curriculars (gymnastics, model un, Spanish club, ski club, & work) could u chance me/advice?

Yay! I’m glad BU is your top choice!

I think that you have a great chance! All your efforts will show through,  especially if you put in a lot of work into your application and show your love for BU! :) Best of luck, and let me know if you have more questions!

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Anonymous asked: Is it okay to download music using BU's wifi?

Uhh, I wouldn’t advise it, but I don’t think they monitor that closely…

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My favorite fun fact about Boston University is that BU Bridge is the only place in the world where a plane can fly over a car driving over a train speeding over a boat. all at the same time 

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Anonymous asked: From 6-9 am FitRec is dead. It's just a few hardcore fit old people and a couple students.

Hahhahaa, thank you for letting me know. :)

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let-the-words-fall-out asked: In response to the anon asking about lesbians, the best way to meet cool lesbians/queer ladies in my experience is to come to the Center for Gender Sexuality and Activism in the basement of the GSU! Groups like FemCo (Feminist Coalition) and the Queer Activist Collective meet there during the week and its a nice place to come and hang out in a safer space! Plus there are free bagels on Friday!

Cool cool cool! I didn’t even know that existed! :)

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Anonymous asked: Real talk: Sunset Cantina is overrated. Its super over priced fake mexican food and the nachos aren't even that good. Sorority girls just hype it up way too much.

Thanks for the review! :)
Do you have reccomendations?

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Anonymous asked: must try food/dining/dishes/restaurants on or near west campus?

Brown Sugar, Super88 (for Asian foods!), Cane’s, Sunset Cantina…

Peeps, send me your recommendations too!

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imthehomoyourmomwarnedyouabout asked: For the anon asking about finding lesbians! Come to Q on Fridays at 4 in the center (next to bu central). Also both the rugby and hockey teams are filled with them so come hang out :) anddd I'm assuming you're under 21 and machine (a gay club in kenmore) is 18+ on Fridays!

Thank you!