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Anonymous asked: What are some typical work-study jobs?

Working in BU offices (receptionist or computers, etc.), tutoring, working in the libraries, athletic stuff (swim or sports coaching), research or lab assistants…the list goes on and on!

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Anonymous asked: Hey! So I need to take one extra class just to satisfy credit requirement, can you or anyone recommend fun/easy classes at BU?

Is this a certain requirement? Or just you need to have credits?

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Anonymous asked: Hey! I'm currently a high school senior and applying to BU early decision (Dream university!) in the college of communication. I'm doing the IB diploma and my grades are in range but I dont have a pretty good SAT score (1600-1700 range). I do however have a lot of experience (internships) in the program I want to major in and also have a lot of extra-curriculars covering a lot of areas (Sudent government, sports, arts etc). Will my SAT score impact my application greatly? I'm really scared!

For the class of 2017, the average was 2016. For the class of 2018, the average was 1946. If possible, can you take the test again?

But you can’t, don’t let this discourage you! The application committee looks at more than just your SAT score! You seem like a very well rounded individual, and that is in your favor!

Good luck. :)

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Anonymous asked: Can you or your followers tell me a little bit about what happens at Q meetings?

Read about them here on their tumblr! :)

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himesha asked: Hi there! I am a senior interested in applying to bu (bu is my top choice)! Can you explain the college of general studies program to me? Thanks!

I would say CGS is good if you’re undeclared or not sure what path you want to take while in your first college years! So you’re in CGS for two years, and filling your writing, social science, and humanities requirements, and then you choose which school you want to go into after that.

Hope I helped!

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Anonymous asked: Astronomy anon-- the Astronomy Department has free stargazing for the public on clear Wednesday nights on the roof of CAS starting at 8:30. The stairs to the observatory are next to CAS 520. Also, the Museum of Science has their own public stargazing on Friday nights.

Super cool! Thank you! :)

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Anonymous asked: I did ask them on twitter... turns out it's pork.

Pork in the West Campus salami, peeps.

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Anonymous asked: Hi do you have pictures of 1019 commonwealth avenue, i world like to see the room layout

No, but you might be able to ask for it if you call BU Housing or tweet at them: @BU_Housing

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Anonymous asked: Hey! So happy to see you responded! Lol I asked about weather and housing. I would prefer to live off campus with 1 or 2 roommates and have been looking into the Allston-Brighton area. If I were to be on campus I would definitely prefer apartment-style living. Can't deal with one bathroom per floor!!! Lol and thanks for the weather link!! 😀

Have you checked craigslist or other websites? Also troll BU Facebook pages, because people will post when they’re leasing/need a roommate.
Honestly it might be easier/more convenient to do on-campus housing, but it’s up to you.

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Anonymous asked: So I'm still questioning my sexuality... how would you suggest going about this? Do you know anywhere to meet other girls who are also?

I would read this post…and then go! :)

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Anonymous asked: Do you know what type of salami is in west dining hall at the sandwich station? (pork or beef or something else)

No clue, but tweet at them—— @BUDiningService :)

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Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm a freshman this year and I was wondering what the BU hockey matches are like, do people go crazy like they do at american football matches? Like whats the vibe? thank you!

If you go in certain parts of the student section, yes, they’re super rowdy.
But it also depends on who you go with!